Best Online Invoice Software For Small Business in Nigeria – Invoice NG.

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Looking for the best invoicing software for your small business? Read this first…

As a small business, branding is vital; having a professional and reliable invoicing system that not only adequately portrays your brand but also makes life easier for your clients will only serve to increase your reputation and customer retention rates.

“Our customers also tell us that payments are made faster when invoices are sent by email.”

Professional invoices can come in many forms; now more than ever, it is essential that your business can invoice customers through email. There is a definite benefit to sending customer invoices via email, and that is why Invoice makes it easier than ever to send invoices and get paid online.

What is Invoice NG?

Invoice NG is an easy and convenient way to bill clients online and get paid faster. Our innovative invoicing solution makes it easy for business owner and entrepreneurs to create customised and professional invoices that get paid in seconds.

“Invoicing your clients and getting paid on-time shouldn’t be complicated!”

With Invoice, you can easily track all your issued invoices either paid or pending, send payment reminder when necessary and get paid online giving you more control and ease in managing your business and ensuring that you get paid for the services you render.

Benefits of using Invoice NG?

1. Professional Branding — Professional branding and customization for all your invoices. This speaks high class and professionalism with your clients when compared with competitors.

2. Improved Productivity & Efficiency — Get more efficient way to keep track of pending payments, especially if you have not gotten that inflow business right.

3. An easy way to get paid — An easy way to accept online payments from clients without having to go through stressful bank process in claiming your funds.

4. Easy accessibility — take your invoice with you everywhere you go. Invoice is accessible on all platforms, Mobile, Laptop or Desktop.

5. Completely Free — Yes, that’s the most amazing aspect of it. You can send unlimited invoices for free, nothing like a monthly subscription.

More features and benefits of Invoice NG for small businesses can be found here.


The benefits of using an online invoicing solution for a small business really outweigh the cost of deploying one. Using a tool like is absolutely essential for businesses in today’s time.