Review of the New Nokia 6 – Specifications and Features [VIDEO]

Nokia 6 Review

Nokia, rebooted. The Finnish brand that was once synonymous with mobile phones had gone missing since Microsoft acquired the company’s smartphone business in 2014. Lumias were rolling off production lines with Microsoft stamped on them instead of Nokia, and the acquisition terms mandated a two-year moratorium on the use of the brand on smartphones.

Fast-forward to the spring of 2016 when Microsoft parted with Nokia completely, selling the feature phone part of the business to a Foxconn subsidiary and the Nokia brand to the Finnish company HMD Global Oy. Established specifically for this purpose, HMD is based in Finland (pretty much across the street from the actual Nokia headquarters) and is made up of long-time ‘original Nokia’ employees – it’s almost as if the brief Microsoft fling never was.

One major change, though – the ‘new’ Nokia will be making Android phones, not Windows. Breakup aside, it’s only logical to be a part of a platform that accounts for 4 out of 5 phones being sold, as opposed to one that commands only 0.3% market share.

The first child of HMD’s Nokia is the Nokia 6. Announced early this year, it’s been on sale in China for two months now, and a global version is also coming next quarter. So for now, we’ve only got the Chinese version. A few notable differences between the two include the OS (world gets Android 7.1.1, China is 7.0), RAM and storage specifics (3GB/32GB and 4GB/64GB for the global variant, only the latter in China), and Google Play Services (or, rather, the lack thereof in the Chinese-bound handset).

The rest should be mostly identical – a par-for-the-course 5.5-inch FullHD IPS display, a midrange Snapdragon 430 in charge of number crunching, a 16MP primary camera without bells and whistles and an 8MP front-facing shooter for selfies. All of this is packed in an understated but premium aluminium body that’s proven quite sturdy in torture tests. When the time comes, it can be yours for the quite reasonable sum of €230 (global, 3GB/32GB).