Video: Google Pixel survives an hour test under water

google pixel xl hands on

Unlike most of the flagship smartphones these days, the Google Pixel doesn’t come with a water resistance rating that allows it to be submerged under water. It only has an IP53 rating, which means it can survive light sprays of water at an angle.

But often these ratings err on the cautious side, and as we all saw with the iPhone 7 that is only rated for 30 minutes submersion but lasted a full hour under water, you can push your luck a fair bit with these things. But what about the Pixel, which has a much worse rating.

Well, spoiler alert, but the Pixel also survived a full hour under a bowl of water. Now to be fair, a bowl of water hardly has enough water pressure to do any real damage, but this is an IP53 device we are talking about here, which is not rated for any kind of submersion. With that in mind, the Pixel did really well here.

The only problem is that at the end of the video the speaker had lost most of its output. Now the video does not specify exactly at what point did the speaker got affected, that is, if it was damaged immediately upon submersion or only because the phone spent full hour under water.

So in the end, we know now that in case you drop your Pixel in water the worst thing you’re looking at is a blown speaker. That is, assuming, it’s a bowl of water.