Hello Again! Apple to Launch New MacBook Pro on October 27


Rumors were being speculated earlier this month that Apple might reveal a new Macbook pro soon. Though the reports soon started to dwindle as Apple did not comment.

Turns out, the company sent out a secret invitation to reporters requesting presence at an event on October 27. The ‘Hello Again’ message on the invitation kindles the rumor foundry about a new addition to the MacBook line.

The existing MacBook pro is almost a year old and is run by a processor that’s two generations old. The new line could have an OLED bar over the normal keyboard with a lively display that changes patterns conditional to the application in use. Rumors recommend that besides a dynamic keyboard, the removal of USB ports and the headphone jack is probable. A noteworthy upgrade to the graphics card is also in the offering accompanied by the addition of a USB-C port.

According to Bloomberg, the occasion could also include a new iMac desktop, MacBook Air, along with a new separate 5K monitor.

The iMac and MacBook Air may be getting updated too, with the latter perhaps dropping the smaller 11-inch model. We could also see new iPads at this event, though based on the lack of recent leaks for new Apple tablets it’s rather unlikely.

We will have to wait a little more to confirm what plans Apple have for their users. Only a couple of days left for the launch as the date is October 27th. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what we get to hear from Apple.