Facebook is Testing Data Saver Feature for its Messenger App

facebook messenger

Facebook is Testing Data Saver Feature for its Messenger App. With this feature, Messenger’s users will be able to download the content of their choice. As Facebook’s new data saver mode will ask users to select specific content before downloading, if they have cellular data connection.

Facebook has already implemented a data saver feature for its main app. Now company is working to bring this feature for its Messenger app also. The option of  data saver is available within the Messenger app’s settings. If you turn on this option, the amount of data will used less when looking at pictures or videos.

Moreover, users will have the choice of downloading images and videos. So, all images and videos received by the user will only be downloaded and viewable when the user taps on them. When data saver is turned off, the Messenger app will just download images and videos automatically.

The only restriction with this feature is that it will only work when a user is on their cellular network. Even if data saver is turned on and you are using Wi-Fi network, images and videos will download automatically.

Currently, Facebook is testing this feature and soon it will be available for all users.