Introducing Workplace by Facebook – A Social Network for the Office

facebook workspace

After 20 months in a closed beta under the working title Facebook at Work, yesterday Facebook is finally bringing its enterprise-focused messaging and social networking service to market under a new name, Workplace.

In the same vein as Google+ for Work, Workplace tries to adapt social networks for internal use at businesses. Workplace — which is launching as a desktop and mobile app with News Feed, Groups both for your own company and with others, Chat direct messaging, Live video, Reactions, translation features, and video and audio calling — is now opening up to anyone to use, and the operative word here is “anyone”.

It’s not only armed with a new brand: Workplace is launching with a new kind of pricing model based on Facebook-style monthly active user metrics; and some pretty big ambitions after picking up 1,000 organizations as customers while still in its free, pilot mode (up from 100 a year ago).

facebook workplace

To really gain critical mass for the product and help it stand out from others in the market, Facebook is courting not just companies’ white-collar, desk-dwelling “knowledge workers” who typically buy and use enterprise messaging software.

It also wants to bring on the much wider global wedge of employees who serve customers, maintain machines or otherwise roam as part of their jobs — people who may already be using Facebook in their non-working life, but who have rarely been co-opted into an organization’s wider digital collaboration efforts in the past.

Workplace Pricing

Pricing seems reasonable for all the features you get. The grand total is $3/month up to 1,000 users, $2/month for 1K-10K users, and $1/month for 10K+ users (all pricing is per user). Facebook only counts active users in this amount, and Workplace is completely free for non-profits and educational institutions. And if your company signs up before January 1, 2017, you get a three-month free trial period starting on that date.

Source: Facebook Newsroom