iOS 10 Review: Why you should update your iPhone and iPad right now

ios 10 review

iOS 10 is the biggest software update of the year for mobile users. Apple’s iPhone is used by hundreds of millions of people all over the globe and whenever a new update lands adoption is always fast — way faster than it is with Android.

The reason for this fast adoption rate is simple: Apple controls the hardware and software, so when a new update is available it is sent, OTA, to all of the iPhones in the world. This is why new Apple software hits double figures within days of release and why it takes Google over a year sometimes to achieve similar results with its Android updates.

Apple’s iOS 10 update is a big overhaul over iOS 9, packed with tons of new features, design elements and capabilities. Usage of iOS 10 will be very high as well, as it is running on Apple’s new iPhone 7 handsets which are both now available to buy.

After using it for the past two weeks how does it stack up? Is it really the best iOS ever? What about its major new features, such as the ones for Messages, Photos, and Siri? Here is a video review about the new iOS 10 operating system by Apple.