10 tips to maximing your iPhone’s storage capacity

I’m sure you are aware of the frustration of running out of space on you Iphone. I know I certainly do. It’s always better to have some free space on your Iphone if you want optimal performance. Although modern iPhones  can come with up to 128GB storage capacity, you might run out of storage space due to various reasons. Therefore, it is highly important for every iPhone user to know some little tricks to make space on your device. Below are several of my favorites.

1. Get rid of space consuming apps

One of the most effective ways to make space on an iPhone is getting rid of heavy apps that consume large space yet are used rarely. You should first find out the amounts of space each app has taken (go to storage and iCloud Usage and select Manage Storage). Within  a minute’s time, all the installed apps will be listed according to the amount of space they consume. If the app is rarely used and is among the heaviest, space consumers you may uninstall them and free some good space easily.

2. Always clear your browser history

Yes, it’s a bit of a faff logging into your regular sites again, but you’d be amazed at how much memory your browser history takes up. Simply head to Settings > Safari > and tap on Clear Cookies.

3. Delete Old messages

Although this tip sounds obvious, a surprising amount of iPhone users either forget or neglect to delete old messages. Deleting messages one by one can be a time consuming and annoying process. Thankfully, iPhone comes with a built in feature to delete messages on bulk-basis; Go to Settings > Messages > Message History > Keep Messages. Then select a specific time parameter, and Delete.

4. Use Photo stream wisely

Although a couple of images on Photo Stream don’t take up too much space on your iPhone, over  time it can consume a significant amount of space. Usually these images don’t come in high-quality; but when a number of them build up these photos may become an annoying factor. To get rid of this problem, you can simply turn off the Photo Stream option. Settings > Photos & Camera > deselect My Photo Stream; it’s that simple!

5. Don’t keep iBooks that you don’t read

Carefully see if you have any downloaded (yet no use of anymore) iBooks on your phone and get rid of them. Don’t worry, although you delete them from your phone, those books will be securely available on your iCloud; you can download them again when needed!

6. Delete unnecessary photos

Surprisingly, the vast majority of iPhones have a large numbers of photos that are  of no use . These photos may include old screen-shots, failed selfies, failed images, video clips etc. Interestingly, people keep some photos for no reason at all! Moreover, options like Burst Mode may store a large number of unwanted images on your phone. Be sure to delete them and free some space.

7. Wipe away old notes

Notes app is a widely used tool by busy individuals these days. However, over the time, people forget to clean up their unnecessary notes and it can take a considerable space. Wiping out (deleting these notes) in timely manner (weekly or bi-weekly) will help you to free some good space from the storage.

8. Delete played Podcasts

We know you’re STILL struggling to get over the end of Serial, but the podcasts you’ve already listened to are hogging valuable space. To only keep the podcasts you’ve not listened to yet, open the Podcasts app and go to Settings > Episodes to keep > All unplayed. You know it makes sense.

9. Stop saving Whatsapp pictures automatically

Unless you turn this off, your phone will automatically save every picture you get sent via Whatsapp. Go to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chat settings > Media auto-download.

10. Use DropBox

Apart from using Photo Stream, you can backup your photos to Dropbox immediately after taking them. Dropbox allows you to access these photos via cloud no matter what type of device you use. So, be smart and use Dropbox to store your photos.

It is better to make a habit of cleaning your iPhone on regular intervals. After all, it is all about maintaining optimal performance of your iPhone.

Do you have a personal storage hack that works for you? Please share by commenting below.